From Initial quotation to final installation Andy and his team guide customers through the process of choosing their ideal bathroom with visits to clients' homes to discuss exact requirements including budget, essentials, features and options - through to building works and decoration.

Individual design, friendly service and exceptional care are our watchwords.

A company is only as good as its fitters, and we have the very best in the Industry.

It also helps that we have a special relationship with the Symphony Group which offers an exceptional collection of the finest fitted bathroom furniture in the shape of its Gallery Venetian bathroom collection which encompasses the ultimate in luxury bathroom furniture - a complete range designed to create the perfect personal space.

Computer generated 3D images of the customer's chosen design and layout is backed by a comprehensive, individually priced quote.

Each Item is individually costed, unlike some other companies who just give a bottom line quotation.

And, of course, there's no need to employ a separate builder if you wish to extend the space of your current bathroom, remove walls, move a boiler or improve decorative features as the company will manage and carry out every stage of the project.

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Andrew Elden has been in the Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen business all his working life.

He took over the kitchens and bathrooms concession within the Co-op's St. Stephens Street department store...

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